Monday, 28 November 2011

Mehta Publishing House: In The Hands of Taliban written by Joanie de Rijke

Joanie de Rijke, a journalist by profession, set out for an interview with some Afghan rebels, to ignite her destined future.

The best part of the book is its style of pain delivery that it gives you when you tear up the lines of the pages herein. At first the book seems to be an adventure with bits of fantasy. But that is not exactly where the trouble begins. The book engulfs you into itself and takes you to the place of action. The reader actually feels that he is there and is able to feel the emotions going on the story. The characters have been portrayed cleverly by giving names such as the ‘Osama freak’. Joane de Rijke feels that she was being eaten raw while she was getting repeatedly raped. But at the same time she shows that she is glad that she was just raped and not killed. Rijke also elaborates the living of the families of the kidnappers and the duel nature of Ghazi. Ghazi is a rapist at once and a humble friend the next.

The narration in the book, as is expected to be, is a bit journalistic. And in its harsh tone criticizes the denial of ransom giving by the Dutch government. So true and so disturbing.

You can own a copy of "In the Hands of Taliban" just on a click...

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